Sound Track Compisition


This is my first experimental sound loop with a sound loop and ambient sounds in the background. In this sound loop I am trying to get the feeling of being in a city at night while there is a gang war happening with the police also trying to stop with while driving through the city in a car.


Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 15.54.56

I first started off with creating the beats on garage band.


Audition CC Screenshot

I used Adobe Audition to create the sound track you see in the image above. I first started off with a city ambience as the main track with the helicopter sound effect running beside it as it ran through the whole track. Then added thunder sound effect with a gun battle to add some action with car engine sounds to liven the track. Soon I faded the action sound effects away and started playing the beats on top with a few sound effects running through it. Finally, I ended it off with the beat and the helicopter sound effect slowly fading away and adding the thunder and the gun battle sound effect to give more of a city being under attack feeling to it.


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