Video Game Interfaces – Research and Analysis

Split Second


Split Second is a racing video game developed by Black Rock Studio and published by Disney Interactive Studios for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in May 2010. The game focuses on the destruction of the maps environments triggered by each individual player.

The interface elements of this game is different to many other racing games as the elements are all shown below the car and motion tracked with it but it also depends on which game mode it is on. It shows the position of the player on the left, such as 6th place, and what lap they are currently on, on the right. The giant semi-circle below the car is the amount of destruction the player can conflict on the other players, for example when the bar is red it can make a building crash onto the course, making the other players crash or get destroyed. There is no map for the interface elements which makes it more mysterious and the players wouldn’t know where each player is and there are arrows on the map telling them where to go.

As the interface elements light up and it is always on the ground, it will always be visible as there is a contrast between the colours, as the ground is mostly a dark colour and the interface elements being a bright colour.

Forza Motor Sport 6

Forza Motorsport 6

Forza Motor Sport 6 is a realistic based racing game developed by Turn 10 Studios and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One. It has very high graphics and a lot of detail in its environments and cars with hundreds of cars from real life implemented into the game with each individual car looking and moving exactly like the cars in real life.

Its interface elements are very simple with a white bold colour. They are quite small and it does not take much space on the players screen to give them a better view of their surroundings. On the top left it shows what place they are in out of the players in the race and under that it shows what the player has done well, for example “good turn” or “good pass”. On the top right there is the player’s current time with the number of laps on the bottom left with a circular and transparent map under it showing the player which turn is coming up and where the other cars are on the map. Furthermore, on the bottom right there is the car’s tachometer with the gear number in the centre of it and the speed of the car. There is also two lines to the right of the tachometer which shows how much throttle and deceleration the player is putting into the car.

However, as the interface elements of the game are mostly white and quite thin, it does not show up very well when parts of the map are quite bright as there is no contrast in colour. For example, when there are no high objects either side of the tracks, the top interface elements would not show up very clearly as the sky is also quite bright.

Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 2 Inside HUD

Forza Horizon 2 is an open-world racing video game developed by Playground Games for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. It allows its players to drive freely in a virtual world and is given considerable freedom in choosing how or when to approach objectives, compared to other games that have a more linear structure. There are hundreds of cars in the game and they are all created from cars in real life with real manufacturers.

For the interface elements, there is a percentage on the top left showing the players progress throughout the race course with their current time below it and their current position on the top right. The numbers and letters are white with a bold thickness to it to make it stand out. On the bottom left there is a tilted map which fades away in a circle showing where the players are supposed to go and where the other players are on the map. In addition, there’s a transparent tachometer on the bottom right to show how much power the player is putting into the car in that gear with the speed of the car in the centre of it and the gear in which it’s in on the left side of it. There is also a dashboard when the player goes into first person view which shows it all in real time, such as the speed of the car and the tachometer.

The fact that the text is quite big and bold conveys that the interface elements are quite easy to see. However, as they are white, it might be hard to see them as the background behind the interface elements might be quite bright and it might not be very visible for the player to see.

Real Car Dashboards

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) – This is a computerized technology that detects and increases traction when the car loses traction to improve the vehicles stability.
ABS Symbol
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) – This allows the wheels on the car to maintain contact on the road surface while breaking to avoid the wheels locking up and uncontrollable skidding.









Low Fuel – This tells the driver when they are low on fuel.


Handbreak Warning Symbol
Braking System warning light – This tells the driver when the hand brakes have been applied.








The dashboards did not contain many symbols apart from the low fuel symbol which means that while driving, not many of the symbols would pop up. However, the dashboards contained a speedometer, a tachometer and a fuel gauge. But the tachometer would not be used much as its an electric car and most electric cars do not have any gears apart from 1 which means that it might not be needed in the game interface.


WIPO – What is Intellectual Property ?

Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. IP is protected in law by, for example, patents, copyright and trademarks, which enable people to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they invent or create. By striking the right balance between the interests of innovators and the wider public interest, the IP system aims to foster an environment in which creativity and innovation can grow.


Copyright is a legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their literary and artistic works. Works covered by copyright range from books, music, paintings, sculpture and films, to computer programs, databases, advertisements, maps and technical drawings.


Many car game industries that base their cars to cars in real life need to have permission to use those cars from the companies as the companies own the cars brands and its name. Some car games also gets the rights to use the names of the sponsorships of the cars and the teams involved in the race.


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