Poster Development and Evaluation

Sketch Book Development

Sketch 1Sketch 02Sketch 3Sketch 4In the first page, I created a few ideas that were quite neat and not so messy to know how the original would look like. From there, I developed the ideas I prefered through changing the scale of the objects or text and moving around the logo and other parts to see what worked best and what didnt. On the last page is my final design which showed the effect that i would of added with the information and logos in the correct places.


Experimental Posters

This design was created using Photoshop. I first started off with creating shapes which perfectly fitted in the guide lines. The top area of the poster was the banner. That was where the title of the poster was going to be. After, I added more shapes around and inside the guide lines with text in front and behind of the shapes. I tried to give the poster a colourful and abstract look to it. However, it was quite dull and not much to it.


Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.05.07

I created this poster using photoshop and for this poster, I rotated a rectangle in the centre with two slanted rectangles on the top and the bottom of the middle rectangle to make it look like a strip of cardboard was being bent with the logo in the centre. However, the perspective of the objects did not look real or as I wanted it to. As shown in the image, I added a boarder in the poster to make it all look tidy and clean by using guide lines to help me.


I also experimented with using colour correction in photoshop, such as levels and contrast, to manipulate the image to make it seem more abstract and stand out more to the viewers. For the effects, I changed layer to a smart filter which allowed me to change the effects of the building without affecting the image so I am able to change the filters again. I changed the blend mode from “normal” to Luminocity” as I was experimenting through the effects to see which looks more aesthetically pleasing to me. I created a copy of the layer incase something went wrong which made the building have a certain effect as the background changed. For example, when I made the background black, the building turned into different shades of gold and when the background was blue, the buidling became different shades of blue. I also added a boarder to make the poster seem more organized. The poster on the left uses more bright and harsh colours to attract the viewers eye, whereas the poster on the right has soft but rich colours that contrast againts each other to make it stand out to the viewers eyes with the logo on the top right keeping the whole poster together as it contrasts againts the black background.


Black and White Building Poster

This design was created by using photoshop. For this poster, I used the black and white colours on the building to make my text stand out by using colours that contrast againts each other. I also slightly rotated the text to make it fit perfectly on the building to give it a more professional look to it. As the logo was white before I placed it in, I had to add the ‘colour overlay’ effect to it then change the the colour to black to make it have a strong contrast againts the white building instead of having it white and blending into the building.


For this poster, I used photoshop as it was the best programme to add effects onto an image. I started off with aligning the building in the centre and scaling it right to how I wanted it and adding the logo on the top left to see how it would look againts the background and the building. As I worked on it more, I increased the brightness and contrast to make it look more vivid with small triangles making up the building in different shades of the buildings colours. I did this by going on the layer of the building and using the ‘Polygonal Lasso Tool’ to create each individual triangle then using the ‘Blur’ effect to only have a shaded area of the building instead of having it detailed. I did this effect to make the image seem even more abstract and unusual to make it stand out to the viewers eyes.

Alternative Posters

RIAS Logo poster

In this poster, there are images of modern architecture that make up the festival logo in squares and rectangles. I created this by using photoshop and duplicating the layer of the logo and using the ‘magic wand tool’ to create a masking layer. Afterwards, inverted the layer so the images would only appear inside the logo. This allowed me to scaled the images down until they fitted perfectly againts each other in the logo. I also added the text “Festival of architecture 2016” which I munipulated so it fitted perfectly inside the logo. I created this by using the warp effect on the image and moving the corners of it until it fitted inside the logo.


Modern Block Poster


In this design, I used photoshop in which I created many different rectangles around the page to make it look like a birds eye view of a building with different rooms and doors connecting to each one. I added the text, “Festival of Architecture 2016” in the empty parts of the poster to make it stand out to the viewers and to fill the gaps, with a large text of “RIAS” with the logo next to it. I found it difficult to find a place to add in the information of the RIAS company so I had to make space by moving and scaling things around. Furthermore, I used the guides on the grid to create a boarder and position everything perfectly so it all fitted in place. I didn’t make this my final design as it felt quite empty with not much happening in it. However, this was suppose to be more of a simple poster as I was inspired by the design of modernist posters as they had a simple but abstract feel to it with in depth meaning.


Final Design Sharp Triangle White Building Poster Background

For my final design, I chose the modern architecture with blurred triangles covering it up as it filled up the whole page with a bright and vibrant feel to it which would engage people into looking more in-depth into the poster. From my other images of the development of this poster, i’ve added a brighter background with clouds as the original background was very boring. I did this by using the ‘magic wand’ tool to highlight the background then delete the background and adding the image with clouds behind it. This made the poster have a better environmental feel to it. Furthermore, I changed the levels of the images in the poster to make the clouds have more colour and the buildings inside the triangle to stand out more which gives a better effect. Also, I made the levels darker and more vivid in the area on the trees to make the text and the RIAS logo stand out more so the viewers would be able to read the information easily.






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