Experimental Sound Looping and Plan

I created these sound loops using MixCraft 7. It is similar to Garage Band but is mostly for Windows instead of mac as I do not have a mac at home. It is good as it is good for begginers and experienced musicians/sound editors as you are able to manipulate the sound with many different modes, whilst still being able to add in basic beats or create your own in only a few clicks.

This sound loop has a Sci-Fi feel to it while the player is racing through a futuristic city with the fast tempo playing in the background. This would make the player feel energetic which would make him want to go faster in the race.

Sound Loop 1 screnshot

This is a screenshot of the composition of ‘Experimental Sound loop 01’. In the beggining the tempo is not too fast but at the same time not too slow which gives the player a steady feeling of just racing and trying to over take other cars, but half way in, there is a pause in the song and after is when the player would feel energetic as there is dubstep and different type of fast tempo tunes which help increase the players energetic mood.

This sound loop would make the player feel nervous as it feels like he is running out of time to get to the checkpoint in time as it has a fast tempo that is similar to the tempo of a clock.

Sound Loop 2 screenshot


This is a screenshot of the composition ‘Experimental Sound loop 02’. The composition was created by using beats and tunes from the programme itself with different types of tunes, such as dubstep and electro.


This sound loop would make the player feel calm and relaxed as they are cruising through the city in a bright sunny day. This is because the beats are not harsh to the ears, but soft, with the tempo being quite slow and constant with high pitched instruments and tropical instuments playing in the background which gives it the tropical and calm feel to the sound loop.


Sound Loop 3 screenshot

This is a screenshot of the composition of ‘Experimental Sound loop 03’. This was also made with tunes and beats inside the programme but with a certain type of tune, which is chill.

Experimenting with Garage band and Audition

This is my first experimental sound loop with a sound loop and ambient sounds in the background. In this sound loop I am trying to get the feeling of being in a city at night while there is a gang war happening with the police also trying to stop with while driving through the city in a car.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 15.54.56

I first started off with creating the beats on garage band using the onscreen keyboard.

Audition CC Screenshot

Afterwards, I saved the beats on garaged band into an MP3 file and added it onto Adobe Audition. I first started off with a city ambience as the main track with the helicopter sound effect running beside it as it ran through the whole track. Then added thunder sound effect with a gun battle to add some action with car engine sounds to liven the track. Soon I faded the action sound effects away and started playing the beats on top with a few sound effects running through it. Finally, I ended it off with the beat and the helicopter sound effect slowly fading away and adding the thunder and the gun battle sound effect to give more of a city being under attack feeling to it.


Recorded Sounds

This was the sound of a car driving by in the rain in the street.


This was ambient sound of people walking by with the sound of foot steps and conversations going on in the background. This could be in a situation where the car drives by people and the player hears sounds of foot steps and coversations in the pavement.


This was the sound of a bus stopping at a bus stop in the rain as people got on.


Experimental Sounds

These sounds were created using Adobe Audition. I did by using the pan effect which allowed me to make the sound go from left to right to seem more realistic.


Ambient Sound Loop Plan




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