Game Interface and Team Branding

F1 Lotus

The F1 Lotus Team made their branding colours black, red and gold. Black is quite a secretive and myterious colour with gold being quite a successful and luxury which could represent the team as being able to win races but in a secretive way. However, red is a dangerous colour but could also be respresented as an energetic and determined colour. Black and gold are the main colours that make the team stand out.

F1 McLaren

The McLaren F1 team has the colours red, black and grey. The McLaren F1 team is quite recognizable for the colour grey as that has been their main colour for many years while winning many championships. Grey and black are both quite mysterious colours, whereas red is quite dangerous which could represent the team as taking risks.


F1 Redbull

The Redbull F1 Team has purple, blue, yellow and red as their  team colours. These colours are bright and stand out againts each other as they contrast. Redbull are mostly known for their drinks which have the colours blue and grey on their cans, which makes blue the main colour of the car. Thier logo contains the colours red and yellow which are shown several times on the F1 car. The colour purple is added onto the car only with the Infiniti logo and name onto it which implies that purple is infiniti’s main colour.


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