Game Interface Team Logos

I createdcTeam Logos Design Sheet

I created these logos using Illustrator. I used the Pen tool to create the main curved shapes and other regular shapes such as the polygon tool for the blue triangle and an ellipse tool for the semi-circle on the raging bulls logo. However, to create that shape on the raging bulls logo, I first create a full circle then overlapped the circle with two rectangles on top of it which lined up perfectly. After, I used the Minus Front tool while highlighting the circle and the rectangles. Furthermore, it was hard to perfectly create two curved shapes so I duplicated them  and aligned them perfectly.

Raging Bulls

I chose red and black for the Raging Bulls as red is a dangerous colour and bulls are also strong and dangerous which means that this team will do anything to win. The colour black makes the red stand out even more which makes the team look dark and fierce.

Speed Poison

The colours I chose were green and dark purple. I chose this because green is a colour of poison and scorpions contain poison. The dark purple furthermore defines the evil look to the colours. I chose purple as it is a complimentary colour to green which means that the two colours stand out the most againts each other.

Blue Rhinos

I chose the colours blue and yellow as blue is quite a peaceful colour which is quite similar to rhinos as they are not very aggressive and mind their own business. The colour yellow is also quite a cheerful and bright colour which is similar to blue. As yellow and blue are complimentary colours, they stand out the most againts each other to make the logo stand out.


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