Warburtons Treatement Animation

Working Title

Warburtons Animation Advert




60 Seconds

Target Audience

25-45 year old females. However, my advert isn’t directly towards 25-45 years but towards people in general such as the husband, boyfriend, children as the women would also watch it with them or recognise it.


For my Warburtons animation, me and my team came up with the theme of Batman Vs Superman. At the start Superman jumps down from the skies into the prison area, like in the movie, but then releases Batman by breaking his chains and having a fight scene together.

Character Breakdown

Superman would represent Warburtons thin bagels and Batman would represent another brand as Superman is the stronger opponent. This would be a good theme as it is a very popular movie which means that it will be very recognisable towards anyone who sees the animation.

Visual Elements

  • Batman/Superman characters
  • Clouds
  • Background
  • Camera Movement plugins (NewBlueFX)
  • Colour Correction (Magic Bullet Looks)
  • Overlays (smoke)

Audio Elements

  • Music
  • Effects (when superman flys away)


I chose this idea as it was a very recognisable and interesting topic at that time as many people were very excited to see the batman Vs Superman movie.

Primary and Secondary Research

As the batman vs superman movie was a very interesting topic at the time, I understood that people would know what the advert represents and as its very recognisable, it would attract many viewers.

Legal and Ethical consideration

The sound track in the background might have copyright but as its currently for a school project, it should not affect how the animation turns out.


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