Game User Interface Video

I created this video using After Effects and Sony vegas 11 to add in the colour correction as I did not have Magic Bullet Looks (a colour correction software) on After effects but I had it on Sony Vegas 11.


This is how I created the colour correction using Magic Bullet Looks on Sony vegas. I did this to make the colouring of the actually footage and the User Infaces Blend in together, instead of looking like two different objects added in together. I added many different effects to it, such as the Chromatic Abertation, whcih gave it a 3D effect around the out side to give the video more of a gaming feel to it. I also used Lens Distortion which allowed me to make the outer part of the video to stretch out to give the effect that the F1 car is moving fast. This effect can be shown in certain parts of the video when the F1 Car is speeding up.



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