Stop Motion Animation


I made this stop motion animation using After Effects.

Final Animation

When making the props for the stop motion, I cut out pieces of paper that were shaped as flames which went from small to big and two letter ‘F’s. However, after taking the pictures and uploading them onto After Effects, I realised that the lighting slowly changed in the background which made the animation not look as good. Furthermore, As I did not use a tripod, as I did not have one at home, the camera changed position a lot which also made the animation look choppy and not as smooth. This is also because I don’t think i created as many flames as I needed which would of made the animation a lot smoother as the movements would of been smaller and not as far apart. In addition, When the ‘F’ fell apart, I did not plan it very well as I cut the ‘F’ in many pieces but didn’t how they were going to put the pieces of paper back in the original places as the paper was all over the place. I put the pieces of paper back in the ‘F’ shape but it was still quite messy and the letter changed shape and gotten smaller.

Overall, I think the stop motion wasnt too bad but if I was to remake the stop motion I would of made sure the lighting the same through out by only using a lamp as light instead of the sunlight while also using a tripod. In addition, I would of created more props to make the animation smoother and cut the ‘F’ into square pieces to make it easier for me to know where each of the pieces went to create the ‘F’ shape which would of overall made the animation smoother.




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