Final Animation / Evaluation

For this assignment, I was given a task to create a short animation to promote Warburtons thin bagels. I did this by using the Batman Vs Superman movie as the theme of the animation as it was a very talked about topic which meant that many people would easily recognise it.

In the brief, the target audience was women from ages 25 to 45. I think that the animation did suit the target audience as eventhough it wasnt direct to them, the older women would most likely have children which would mean that the children would also see it with their parents as well as the movie by itself being very recognizable and popular, the theme would be something that everyone and any age would enjoy.

While developing my work and creating the animatics, I realised that the scenes at the office, before the dream occured, made the animation too long as the animation was a type of advertisement which meant that the advert shouldn’t be too long as I thought 1 minute was a good length for the animation. This also meant that the treatement had the be developed and changed to suit my new animation.

When creating the animation, I mostly used the rotate, position and scale tool on After effects and used the puppet tool only once as the puppet tool wasn’t really needed while moving the arms or the position of the characters as their positions were already in good form. I used the puppet tool for the legs to make superman walk as it was the easiest and best way to make a natural walking animation. I was quite pleased with the walking animation as it turned it very smooth and realistic. Furthermore, I used the puppet tool to make the chains break as I needed the chains to bend as the laser was breaking the chain in two.

After creating the animations and all the scenes, I used Sony Vegas Pro 11 to add colour correction and different effects to give the animation a certain feel to it. I first added a darker and gloomy colour correction to make the underground area where batman was held prisioner more intense and make the light focus more on what the characters were doing. I then added smoke and dust overlays to give it a dirtier atmosphere and have it so when superman jumped down from the sky it would make the effect stronger and give the feeling that the landing was powerful. In addition, I used a plug-in called NewBlueFX which made the camera shake with a slight blur to intensify the action while superman and batman were fighting and to make the camera more interesting and not as boring. The way the plug-in did this was by slighing rotation the position of the screen in a smooth but random motion which gave it a hand held feel to it while I also cropped the screen at certain points to make the camera zoom in to the parts where the action was being held.

Overall, I was very pleased with the animation as the story line was short but was understandable with a slight mystery and the effects turned out well which inhanced the animation to give it the action movie feel to it. However, if I could remake the animation, I would of added more detail to the last scene as the ground was mostly just grey with a slight gradient to it but at the same time as the background is shown for only a few seconds, It did not impact the animation very much which still make it enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing.


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