Backstory/ Treatment of Game

The main adjective of the game would be for Zeus to become the ruler of all the Olympian Gods by defeating his brothers at the end of every stage and defeating Cronus, his father, at the very last stage of the game but there would also be more maps and powers that the player could unlock after collecting a certain amount of gold which would make the game more interesting after defeating Cronus.

The game would start off with Zeus being young and not a good fighter while not understanding his powers but he would slowly train and become a better fighter. He would start off fighting against normal roman soldiers with little strength, that are ‘level 1’ then fight bigger soldiers with more strength with higher levels and different types of weapons. As he would become older and become a better fighter, he would fight against one of his brothers at each stage while unlocking a new weapon and power. This would soon lead to Zeus fighting his own father at the final stage and becoming the ruler of all of Olympia.


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