Board Game Analysis

In the past two lessons, i’ve played two games and analysed them by understanding the strategy of the game, the information set and what the payoff.


Strategy: The strategy of Cluedo is to find out who the the murder is by creating rumours and asking the other players a select number of cards which they might or might not have. A player rolls the dice and move their characters depending on the number that they get, they move around the house and interrogate a player. If you interrogate a player on the card they have, and they have that card, you tick off the card on a piece of paper which has all the information needed. Near the end of the game, most of the boxes should have been ticked. A player would have to guess who the killer is by guessing 3 of the cards, the name, the location and the weapons the murder killed the victim with. However, if the player guesses wrong, they are out of the game.

Information Set: The information gained while playing the game is understanding who has each card by creating rumours and seeing if another player has one of the cards that you selected or not. If a player lands on a ‘question mark’ on the board or on the dice, the player has to pick up a card which can give the player an advantage, for example knowing someones card. There are 9 rooms in the house and those are the locations the player can pick to choose to create a rumour on another player. The only way the someone can guess who the murder is to go to the room in the middle of the house but another player could also stop that player from entering the room by going into another room and creating rumours about them which would bring them to the location that they picked. Furthermore, if a player goes to the room in the middle of the house, they get a card which gives them an advantage over other players.

Payoff: The payoff is the guessing who the murder is and winning the game.



Information set:




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