Computer Game Analysis

Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter Strike is an online first person shooter than is played on the computer. You are able to play offline by yourself while playing against bots or playing online against other players.


The main mode in the game is the competitive mode. This is where there are ranks that the players are in which allow them to play against players that are in the same skill level so the game is kept fair and balanced. There are 5 players either side on a team. However, if one of the players disconnect, the player would be replaced with a bot until the player connects again. When a team mate dies and the bot is still alive, the player would be able to take over the bot and play as the boy. A competitive match is around 45 minutes and has a maximum of 30 rounds; each round is 2 minutes long. The main part of competitive mode is to eliminate the enemy team or if you’re a terrorists, the team would have to try plant the bomb and try stop the counter terrorists from defusing it but if you’re on the counter terrorists team, the team would have to try and defend the bomb sites. There are two bomb sites, bomb site A and bomb site B. When the bomb is planted, the bomb takes 45 seconds to explode. If the counter terrorist has no defuse kit, it takes 10 seconds to defuse the bomb but if they have a defuse kit, it takes 5 seconds to defuse the bomb.

Information Set

The game requires a lot of communication and strategy to stop the terrorists from planting the bomb using flashes, hand grenades, Molotov’s and smokes to slow down their attack. In the first round of the match,the players are only allowed to use a pistol to kill the enemies. The teams are given $800 which can allow the players to buy armour for their body, this allows the player to not get ‘aim punch’ which means that the players aim will not get distorted when show in the body. But in the pistol round, the players would not be able to afford head armour which means that the enemy can shoot a player in the head in one shot. Body armour costs $650 which means that the player would have to stick with the default pistol but depending on the strategy of the team, a player could buy the grenades but no armour and another could buy one of the 4 pistols that range from $300 to $700, while another could buy a defuse kit, which costs $400, to defuse the bomb in half the time it would normally take incase the terrorists plant the bomb; the defuse kit is only available as a counter terrorist. In addition, each weapon has a different kill reward. A pistol, a rifle and a grenade kill gives around $300 in reward, a shotgun gives around $900, an SMG gives around $600, a knife kill give $1500, and an sniper kill gives $100. Each rewards is given depending on how hard it is to kill the enemy with that weapon.


In the other rounds, the players can buy a rifle, an SMG, a shotgun, a machine gun or a sniper, depending on how much money they have. It usually takes around 4 shots to the chest to kill an enemy with a rifle but it varies depending on the weapons but 1 shot in the head with an AK-47 as this is the most powerful rifle. A sniper is an instant kill to the upper body and body but only does around 80 damage to an enemy if shot in the leg. Each player has 100 heath to start off with. Different guns have different sounds which help the players indicate what weapon the enemy has which allows the player to try a use different strategies against the weapon that they have a kill them. For example if an enemy has a sniper, the player might use a smoke to try block their vision then move around the smoke after flashing them, then eliminating them. Each weapon has a different spray pattern which means that the player would need to learn how the spray works in order to use the gun efficiently to kill the enemy. When a team mate see’s a enemy, the enemy shows up on the map on the top left of the screen as a red dot. This would allow your team mates to know exactly where the enemy is. Furthermore, each player is able to speak to their team mates through the mic and give call outs on the different parts of the map as different parts of the map has different name and strategies or where an enemy is if they hear their footstep through a wall or hear them shoot their weapon which will not come up on the map.


Pay Off

The way of winning the round as a terrorist is for the players to plant the bomb without the counter terrorists defusing the bomb or the players can kill all the counter terrorists. For the Counter Terrorists to win the round, the players would have to defend both bomb sites by killing all the terrorists and not letting them plant the bomb or to defuse the bomb if the bomb has been planted. When a team wins 16 rounds then they will win but if both teams get 15 rounds then the match will count a draw. After winning a few matches in a row, the players rank would go up and go against harder enemies while also increasing their skill and knowledge of the game.


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