Motion Graphics – Treatement and Ethical Considerations


Thomas Heatherwick will be the artist that I would choose to make my animation on. I would be using multiple softwares to create the animation, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya and After effects. The target audience would be for the people who are inspired by him and enjoy his work in modern society which would mostly be adults 25+. I would add pieces of his work as the 3D elements to show off his achievements which would attract people to see his exhibition which would take place in Tate Modern. The motion graphics would include the artists name, the gallery it would be held at, the date and how long the exhibition would be running for (10am-6pm).

My motion graphic will show his achievements as an architecture with the colours being shown in the animation quite simple and not too colourful as his work mostly used metals and woods with an earthly feel to it. The song that I would be using would be quite upbeat as his work is quite modern and has a clean look to it which should be similar to the song. I would want quite a lot of typography in my animation as I think it looks good with motion graphics and especially with his 3D work coming in and out of the screen would give it a smooth look with the details of the exhibition on screen aswell.


Ethical Considerations

As my motion graphics animation will be for a college assignment and about Thomas Heatherwick, it would not be necessary as I would be adding in the artists name in the animation. In addition, I woud make sure all my work would be only created by me to avoid copyright claims towards me if I was to advertise it. Furthermore, the motion graphics would not have any ethical issues as the language used would be appropiate and not discriminated towards a certain race or culture.


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