Motion Graphics – Digital Development

Creating the Spikes


I started off with creating a sphere and change the face of it to a vertex.


By using the “Move Tool” I was able to move each of the points outwards to create a spike.


I repeated the “Move Tool” many times to create many spikes of different sizes and directions to create a similar shape of one of Thomas Heatherwicks work. I then used the rotation tool to created an animation of the spikes rotating.



After completing the animation, I rendered it into a image sequence in HD so it could be imported into After Effects as a composition.

Tate Modern Building Outline



I traced around the building using the “pen Tool” and the “Line Segment Tool” to create a simple outline of Tate Modern which I then imported into After Effects.

Font Choice


When choosing the text, I tested out different type of fonts from thin and blocky to thick and curly but after testing several fonts out, I chose “Bebas Neue”, which is a Sans Serif style of font

Production Process


I started off with laying out the text with the right font and size on the centre of the page then adding a null layer and connecting all the text layers to the null layer as the parent so all the texts could move as one. I animated it so that the text would move into place one by one while also in sync with the music. The tilt effect was also used on the text when bringing the text onto the screen one by one. I timed it right so that when the text would move upwards or wide ways, the text would flip at the time.


I used the source text to make each number pop up on screen in sync with the music as shown in the screenshot above.

This is the finished animation of the what I created. However, I decided to change the background but keep the same concept as having a lighter background at the start then a darker background in the second half. I decided to make the background a brick wall as it suited well with the animation and gave a modern but also old style look to the overall animation.

These are the backgrounds I used for my animation. I chose the specific type of brick wall for the left background as the colour theme of my animation suited the background as many of Thomas heatherwick’s work are quite earthy with brown and greys. For the right background, I chose that specific image as it gave contrasted well against the text of the animation and it was aesthetically pleasing to me.


For the backgrounds, I made it so that it moved the opposite direction to the way the text was being brought into the screen by using the position key frame. I also added the wiggle effect on the backgrounds so it didn’t look so static and added a bit of movement to the animation.screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-11-07-43screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-11-07-50screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-11-07-57

During the animation, I transitioned the background changing from the light brick wall to the dark brick wall. I did this by scaling the 3D object up from a small to a large so that it covered the whole screen and as this happened, I changed the backgrounds and zoomed the object out again so it was clearly visible on screen as it turned.

After Some feedback from my teacher and class mates, I decided to change the background again to fit in with the work of Thomas Heatherwick. The first picture I chose was a building which he called the “Seed Cathedral”. I chose it as it was a building that was well known by his name. Another famous building which he designed which was famous with his name was the East Beach Cafe. I kept with the same idea of the first background being bright and the second background being dark. However, I added a white background over it and lowered the opacity to 30% so the text infront of it was more visible and with the second image, I put a black background infront of it and put the opacity to 10% to make the text more visible as the colours contrasted. Furthermore, I added a wiggle effect on both backgrounds to make the trailer less static and give it more movement.




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