App Concept – Historical Research

Mobile Apps date back to the 20th centuary with simple apps such as small arcade games, ring tone editiors, calculators and a few more. As many companies at that time kept their secrets on how they made the applications, the apps were made in-house. The first cell phone on the market in 1973 and it was the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. It made calls and there was a simple contact application with the different numbers.



In the 1970’s, Nokia was famous for putting the video game, snake, on some of its earliest phones. This is when “time-waster” games began to appear.These early phones changed the way people thought about communication. This app became globally used as it was the first of its kind.


IBM Simon

In 1993, the first smart phone, that was touch screen, was announced and it was equipped with the features like calculator, world clock, calendar and contact book. The phone did not have any colour to it which make the phone quite boring and not aethetically pleasing to the user but it was the latest technology back in the 90’s.


Palm OS

In 1996, Palm, Inc. created a device called Palm OS which was a touchscreen-based graphical user interface as It is provided with a few basic applications for personal information management. Howver, It had a lot of third party applications which meant it can do a lot more than other devices and it was programmed in C/C++. As time went on, Palm OS included  a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browser. The interface included colours which was not included in other the other devices as they had a yellow/green background with a black outline to allow the user to see the buttons and text.


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