App Concept Treatment

The type of app I have chosen to create is a weather app. The app will be aimed towards cyclists who want to know their current weather forecast but also the weekly forecast but aswell as that, the app would also help them to know how windy their location will be and in which direction and how the surface and terrain will be like in their current location and other locations of their choice. It will also be aimed towards adults that was 16+ of age as that is an age where most people cycle on the road.

As the app would not be towards children, I would im to have simple colours that contrast well against each other with slight gradients to add a bit of depth and tone in its shapes instead of having bright and colourful colours that would be more aimed towards children. There would also be more realistic colours, such as warm orange, white and black instead of bright blues and pinks that don’t seem very realistic in an aesthetic way. As the UI designs will be more modern and sharp, it would stand out more towards young adults instead of children with there being more information about the weather which would not usually be fully understood by children as children read and see more simple words and images, such as cartoons.


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