Legal and Ethical Considerations

When creating an app, there are many legal and ethical consideration that we would have to think about, one of which include the IP address of the user. This is the location of the user which has to be stored in a secure place which would prevent hackers entering all the information. This is also similar to Privacy and Data Protection as all the information that the user has given out through this app has to be secure and not cause a leak in the information. Furthermore, as the app would be using live weather information, I would need a to pay the Met Office in order to have legal use of their information from the weather. Aswell as having live weather, I would also need a way of live location. This can be achieved by paying Google money in order to get a license to use Google Maps. For the ethical considerations, the app would use appropriate language with no offensive terms with only being professional written language with no slang involved. It would also not be towards a certain group of people but using language that can be understood and not offended by anyone or discriminating against a certain race but being universal.


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