Film Noir Treatement


For the film, there are two brothers who own a very large business that controls a large part of the city. They go keep on making business with other people which increases their shares and their revenue which allows them to expand. However, the younger brother decides that he wants to leave the business and take half the shares with him especially as the brothers are starting to make deals with bad people with a lot of money which is bad for the business but the older brother is disappointed but agrees with him.

On one of the final days of the younger brother leaving the business, he meets up with the brother and the brother gives him a note with someones address which he would need to visit before he leaves the business. Suddenly, he is mysteriously killed. A detective comes to the scene with the brother in tears on the scene when seeing his dead brother. However, the brother meets up with this guy who was one of his old friends and thanks him for doing the deal for him which was to kill his brother so he can have the whole business for himself and keep doing deals with bad people to have more money.

The detective investigates the situation and finds a note in the younger brothers coat which is someones address. He visits the address and asks him, which is the old friend, numerous questions and is suspicious of him and finds out that he is friends with the older brother so he decides to follow the older brother one day only to find that the brother was keeping an eye on the detective and it was a trap. The old friend comes from behind and threatens to shoot the detective, then fires the gun but doesn’t hit the detective but shoots the older brother as the detective and the old friend has been working together to take down the two brothers and they’ve been making bad deals with bad people to gain them dirty money.


Julien – Director, production manager, editor, actor

Ethan – Camera man, assistant director

Luis – Art director, actor

Siam – Sound person, actor

Jayden – Lighting person, actor

Main Characters (Actors)

Luis – The Detective

Siam – The Older Brother

Julien – The younger brother

Jayden – The killer


  • Tate Modern
  • Southwalk Bridge
  • Bank



  • Gun
  • Coat
  • Crime scene tape
  • Fedora hat
  • Flashlight
  • Detective Badge
  • Glasses
  • Business Shies
  • Shirt/Tie
  • Cigarettes
  • Paper note


  • Light box
  • DSLR camera
  • 50mm Lens
  • Tripod
  • Boomstick
  • Microphone

Sound Effects

While editing, I would use various sound effects such as gun shots, police sirens in the background and city ambient sound as some of the sound captured with the microphone might not be as good which would mean that we would have to add extra sounds to the trailer.





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