Motion Graphics – Evaluation

For this assignment, I chose the artist Thomas Heatherwick to create a motion graphic animation on. During my research, I found more of his work that got me interested and soon inspired to sketch my ideas with the help of a moodboard which I created using his architectural work that stood out to me the most.

Through the help of the teachers at college and my own research on how to do certain effects. I was able to get some ideas through what they said about Thomas Heatherwick and their feedback helped me to improve my work step by step and add new effects. through out the assignment, my ideas and work changed through experimenting with different colour schemes, scales and different types of layouts that would suit in with my animation. I used After effects to create the actual motion graphics and put everything together but used Maya to create the 3D animation point of things with a bit of Illustrator to create an outline of Tate Modern as that was the location I chose for the exhibition.

In the animation, I tried to portray a story in my animation with the first background image being one his his most famous work and the text coming in, then for the next bit of text an outline of Tate Modern so people knew what gallery it was by seeing the shape of it then a 3D animation of one of his work zooming in and out of the screen to transition the background to another famous architectural work that he designed. After the 3D Animatin split up to 2 to convey that famous art work being taken apart as it was a hazard to the people near the structure.

If I could change anything in my animation, it would be to create more 3d bits of his work to make the overall animation more interesting but when I tried creating them it did not look as aesthetically pleasing as I wanted it to so I stuck with the one animation which I thought looked good and suited with the whole animation.


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