Film Noir – Production Diary/Log

On the 14th of December, we went to the college and asked to use certain equipment for the film. We borrowed a 50mm lens, a boom stick, an LED light and a Tripod.

A few days before the filming, me and Luis went on Skype to discuss the script, the location and the time we would have to meet so that we arrive at Tate Modern just as it got dark, which was at around 4pm. This is the script and plan we made for the day  with the locations and times.


Two Brothers in the city
Big Brother: “The city is ours”
Little Brother: “our Dream Came true”
Main brother Gives a note to little brother
Brothers split up
Afters the brothers split up, Jaden shown on the camera lying against the wall with
head down
Little brother walks past him and goes down the stairs
Jaden follows
Little brother walks into alleyway
Gun shot by mysterious figure
Little bro: “how could you, I thought you were part of the family”
Detective comes to the scene first
Finds and takes the note that’s in the little brothers jacket
Big brother gets there, on his knees, sad & confused, looking for the paper
Big brother:“that’s my brother”
Detective: “I’m a detective, this is a crime scene
Detective goes to the address
*Sees Jaden*
Detective:“Excuse me, is this your address?
Detective: “I have a few questions for you”
Main Brother and Jaden meet up
*shake hands*
“the deal is done but don’t ever ask me to do anything like this again”
Brother walking through streets
Detective follows
Brother stops and turns around with a smirk look
Camera cuts to a gun barrow to the back of the detectives head
Gun is triggeredthen fired
On the 2nd of January, when we arrived at Tate Modern, we looked for a clear spot where not many people were so we could reduce the amount of time we filmed at the area and so we didnt have to constantly keep changing positions. After, we went to Southwalk Bridge and filmed the scene of me and and siam walking up the stairs and him giving a note with Jayden then following me after I took the note down the stairs. In the next scene, we went to Bank and filmed in a few locations. The first was under a large area when people walked through. Siam and Jayden were the two actors in this scene. This is shown in the videos below.

For the next couple scenes, we went on a different street and filmed the scene of my death, the crime scene and the final scene of the detective following the brother (siam) and the killer (jayden) aiming a gun at the detective.

After we got home, Ethan put all the footage into separate files for the different scenes to make it easier for me to edit. He uploaded them all onto Google drive and onto a USB so I could transfer all the footage onto my computer at home.

I edited the trailer on Sony Vegas Pro 11. I started off with importing the music into Sony Vegas and putting on the footage one by one while syncing it with the music and making sure every time the camera cut, it connected into each shot. I also edited the way the sound track was arranged by cutting it at different parts and fading it into each other so it sounded natural. I did this so that the music flowed with the story, for example when the trailer got more intense, the pace of the sound track increased but the original soundtrack did not escalate at that time so I had to put the fast pace part where it was most necessary.

Full Project 02.png

After adding all the footage in and syncing it all together, I added the colour correction of the film. I did this using Magic Bullet Looks, a plug in which is good for colour correction.


I used a variety of effects on Magic Bullet Looks to have the final result with the right colour correction. As shown in the screenshot above, I even used an atmospheric flare to make the lights stand out in the background.


The lift Gamma-Gain effect helped me get the right tint on the image which gave it a very slight blue colour which many Film Noir movies had after doing some research.

mbl-contrastThe contrast effect was used to help make a stronger difference between the dark and the light to give it more of the film noir effect.

After having the right colour correction, I added the sound effects which I downloaded from the internet and the voice overs that we recorded in class. I edited the sound so that the background noise was reduced and the sound was slighty louder so the audience would clearly be able to hear the actors more clearly over the sound track and sound effects.





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