Web Design – Heaven and Hell


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The layout and design of this website is good because all sections are evenly laid out with vibrant colours that compliment each other with something going on at each part of the page. The interactive part of it is also really good as a lot of the sections move and expand as the user hovers their cursor over it which makes the website more intriguing. The simplicity of the nav bar is something I could impliment into my own website as I woudl just have a text colour that contrasts against its background colour which makes it looks clean and simple.


This website is good as there is a clear use of the grid system which helps them put page in different sections to make the layout more simple and not over crowded. The colours are very simple with only 3 main colours used to add to the simplicity of the website with the text and background colours contrasting against each other in different sections which makes it easier for the viewer to read the information.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 09.53.25

This website has a very simple layout and sticks to its grid layout which makes it aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow across the page specially as the text and font is easy to read. The house colours are also very simple as they are only red and white, as shown on the logo but most of the colours in the background is just white and grey which makes the videos stand out more with a strong contrast.




This website design and layout is bad as there is no use of the grid system with makes the website very over crowded with information and images of different sizes which doesnt make the website look tidy and simple. In addition, the colours used in the website are very random and do not compliment each other and do not link in any way which adds to the messiness of the website. The navigation bar on the left side has no parent buttons on it but only main buttons which over crowd the navigation bar with too many buttons.


For this website there is no colour scheme to it which doesn’t make the website aesthetically pleasing to the viewer especially as the navigation bar and its buttons are all in random and different colours which make the website very childish and not professional like. Furthermore, each button on the nav bar are different sizes and on different text sizes with the fonts on the rest of the website being random and also in different sizes which doesn’t make it consistent and tidy. In addition, there is no use of a grid which makes the website very messy and leaving random spaces in random places especially with the adverts on either side having random spaces in them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 09.57.10

This website is prime example of what a bad website is as there is no layout and all the text and images are all over the place with bright colours that don’t mix well with each other. The navigation bad is also quite small in the far left corner which makes it hard for the user to see and read the nav bar. In addition, the website looks more like a poster with a bad colour scheme as there are no solid house colours but many different colours and nothing is organised.


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