Web Design – Page Layout


  • Space – Have even spaces between the boxes and not make the page look too overcrowded with information and boxes.
  • Colour – Have a consistent colour scheme throughout with a maximum of 4 colours so the page does not look to childish and unprofessional.
  • Text – The font has to be appropriate for the website with the size also not being too bi that it takes up too much space and have the page look crowded or too small so that the text is unreadable unless the user looks really close to the screen.
  • Images – The images must be an appropriate size for the page so that it doesn’t overlap with other images of text and so it isn’t too large or too small.


  • Home – A hyperlink that can bring the user straight to the home page when ever on another page and far down into a page
  • Social Media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Contacts – My email and contact number
  • Portfolio – This hyperlink could bring the user to a gallery with my work and videos from youtube or other pages containing my work.

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