Web Design – Visual Page Development

I devloped these pages on photoshop and decided to create the Graphics Page first as that stored the most amount of information and from there I would be able to create all the other pages based off that page.

Graphics Page

Graphics Page test 01Graphics page test 02Graphics page test 03Graphics page test 04Graphics page test 05

After creating the first page. I decided that my colour theme would be black and white as the main colours but the colours would contrast againts the background with the background images being quite dark with a slight purple/blue tint to it to give it more of the cold effect at night.

Home Page

Home page test 03Home page test 01Home page test 02

About Me Page

About me page test 01.png

Videos Page

Videos Page 01

Contact Page

Contact page test 01Contact page test 02

Audio Page

Audio Page Test 01

Art Page

Art Page Test 01Art p 01Art p 02

Pictures Page

Pictures Page Test 01Pic p 05Pic p 01Pic p 03Pic p 02Pic p 04




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