FMP – Heaven and Hell




Instagram is an app that allows its users to share and upload images and videos onto its social network. It lets users to follow another users page and see what they are uploading and doing in their lives. The main colours used in the app are white, blue and grey. The background colour of the app while using it is white which is simple but also makes the images stand out more. Also, theres a tab at the bottom of the app with different options to allow the user to access different parts of the app, for example the camera. This is where the user is able to edit their photo with presets from Instagram or to edit it themselves by increasing the contrast, adding a certain to the image and many more. The background in the camera is a dark grey with white symbols and text. This could be to allow the user to see the difference from Instagram’s newsfeed and camera, especially as most camera apps have quite a dark grey background to it.



Spotify is a app that allows users to listen to high quality music for free, anywhere you are, however if the user does not have a membership, the user would only have a limited amount of   It also allows the users to listen to premade playlists or create their own playlists which add up the total amount of minutes for the songs in the playlist whilst also giving the user recommended songs and artists to help them add to their playlist incase they cannot think of all the songs straight from their head. The house colour of the app is a dark grey colour with simple text which just gives a brief amount of information on the song, such as the name and the artist, to not make things over crowded. In addition, the app has a good layout as most of the main buttons are at the bottom so that it is easy for the user to use them with only their thumbs. Also, it is quite easy for the user to know who the artist is without looking at just the text, as the artists picture stands out compared to the dark grey background and it is quite large. Furthermore, the background the user has while playing a song is a blurred out and darkened image of the artist’s poster which adds a bit of colour to the background whilsts also keeping it simple.









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