FMP – Historical Research

Applications on mobile first started in the 20th centuary with simple apps being created such as small arcade game, ring tone editors, calculators and a few more. Apps weren’t very popular back then which meant that not many people knew how they were made as many companies kept the information on how they were made to themselves as the apps were made in-house.


Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

This was the first cell phone that was put onto the market in 1973. It had very simple functions with very few applications. It just made calls with a simple contact application with different numbers stored inside.




On the earliest models of Nokia phones, “time-waster” games began appearing in the 1970’s. The most famous game that was added onto Nokia was the video game, snake. These type of apps changed the way people thought of the use of phones with phones having more capabilities than just communication. This app was the first of its kind and was used globally.



IBM Simon

The first smart phone, that was touch screen, was announced in 1993 and it was equipped with the features such as a calculator, a world clock, a calendar and a contact book. The phone did not have any colour to it which make the phone quite boring and not aethetically pleasing to the user but it was the latest technology back in the 90’s. This revolutionised the way devices were made and gave people many more options to create new tech and applications inside.



Palm OS

In 1996, Palm, Inc. created a device called Palm OS which was a touchscreen-based graphical user interface as It is provided with a few basic applications for personal information management. However, It had a lot of third party applications which meant it can do a lot more than other devices and it was programmed in C/C++. As time went on, Palm OS included  a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browser. The interface included colours which was not included in other the other devices as they had a yellow/green background with a black outline to allow the user to see the buttons and text. This game more creativity to the way apps were created and how they looks aesthetically towards the user.




The iPhone is the first smartphone model designed and marketed by Apple. It is the first generation of iPhone that was announced in 2007. The iPhone revolutionised many future smartphones as the large and fast respsonsive screen stepped up the technology in industry of smartphones. The graphics on the phone with high quality images and text and the apps inside also improved with many more applications which could be downloaded through the apple store inside the phone. From this phone, many more smartphones were made with more technical and useless apps which we now use on a day to day basis.





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