Web Design – Final Website and Evaluation

Website Link



For this assignment I was made to create a functional website with interactive features. This was accomplished by using Photoshop to design the layout of the website and with different images and buttons which was then sliced up and brought into Dreamweaver which I was then able to develop different areas to make it interactive and fully functional.

During the assignment I did different type of research which helped me development my website such as researching good websites and what made them good and bad websites and what made them bad which I tried to avoid. In addition, through analysis of different websites, I found a good colour scheme which suited my type of work that I produced which was a black and white banner which contrasted against a darker and more earthy colour for the background of the different pages. However, the “About Me” page had more a blue tint which would portray me as more of an interesting and lively person.

I found that the layout on my website was consistent throughout with a consistent colour scheme which I stuck to and made my own with my own images as the background. In contrast, If I was to remake the website, I would of taken away the hyperlinks on each page but only kept it on the “Home Page” and the “About Me” page. Furthermore, I would resize the “Home Page” to fit the same size as all the other pages as the original size on Photoshop was smaller as I was testing out different sizes but forgot to change it back as it was too late as I had already added it onto Dreamweaver and linked all the pages together.


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